YAWC Pro : One Click Publishing from Word YAWC Pro : One Click Publishing from Word

Welcome to YAWC Pro

YAWC Pro is a plug-in for Microsoft Word (97, 2000, XP and 2003) that enables you convert Word documents into HTML or XML. Best of all, it is now free, although we no longer provide active support for it.

  • You can download YAWC Pro from this website.
  • Alternatively, if you want a solution which does not require installing any software on your own PCs, you should consider YAWC Online, our Word to HTML conversion service. YAWC Online provides one-click web publishing from within Word. It can also generate other formats such as NITF XML, Daisy XHTML, SCORM-conformant elearning, DocBook, and other XML vocabularies.

Word to HTML Conversion

YAWC Pro generates HTML which is much cleaner and smaller than that generated by MS-Word itself. It also places the content of the Word document into a pre-defined HTML template, so that the output HTML is ready for immediate publication on a website. YAWC Pro avoids the need for post-conversion clean-up of HTML documents, and avoids the need for most content creators to have anything but the most basic knowledge of HTML.

The HTML generated by YAWC Pro also complies with a number of important Web standards:

Word to XML Conversion

YAWC Pro can generate XML according to any XML DTD. YAWC ships with support for the Simplified DocBook XML DTD, but any other DTD can be supported with a small amount of configuration work.

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