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YAWC Frequently Asked Questions

What is YAWC?

YAWC is a plug-in for Microsoft Word that (97, 2000, and XP) enables you to convert Word documents into HTML or XML.

How much does it cost?

YAWC Lite is free, but has some limitations. YAWC Pro costs EUR 200, USD 200 or GBP 130, and has no limitations.

I cannot find YAWC in MS-Word, where is it?

You need to open a document with a YAWC template attached in order to see the YAWC menu. Select File->New, and choose a shortcut to a template such as YAWC DocBookArticle or YAWC Web Page.

See Getting Started for instructions on how to make the YAWC menu appear in MS-Word.

I tried to convert a document, but it fails. What do I do?

The conversion probably failed if YAWC didn't get installed correctly. See Getting Started for instructions on how to make sure YAWC is installed properly.

I have Greek text in my document, but it doesn't get converted properly. What is wrong?

YAWC supports the conversion of Unicode fonts into XML. You probably are using the Symbol font for your Greek characters, and this is not a Unicode font. Use a Unicode font with Greek characters (e.g. Lucida Sans Unicode to ensure Greek characters are converted into XML properly.

I want Greek characters to be converted into HTML and display properly. Using Unicode doesn't work. What do I do?

See Tips on using Greek.

I tried to convert my Word document into PDF, but it didn't work. What did I do wrong?

See the PDF configuration instructions for details of how to set up PDF support in YAWC. You must download and install other (free) software before you can get PDF support. You must also convert your Word document into DocBook XML to do so. If you are targetting HTML, then you will need to change your attached template from HTML\HTML-en.dot to DocBook\DocBook-en.dot in order to create a PDF file.

I installed YAWC but it doesn't work. Why?

There are many reasons it might not work. Try following the instructions in the Getting Started Guide first, and contact us at yawc-support at yawconline.com if you still cannot get it to work.

Does YAWC support the xxx DTD?

YAWC supports the HTML and Simplified DocBook DTD by default. You can configure YAWC to support any other DTD you wish. Configuration is fairly easy, as it involves simply editing a single configuration file to describe the relationship between Word styles and XML elements. A complex DTD may take a few days to configure. A simple DTD should take less than a day.

Does YAWC run on the Macintosh?

No, YAWC is a Windows application, and is not supported on the Macintosh. However, you can use the Word templates supplied with YAWC to assist the authoring process on a Macintosh, and copy the files to a Windows PC to convert them.

You can also use our YAWC Online service, which does the Word to HTML/XML conversion on a web server. This avoids the need for any local software installation, and allows the editing to be on a Mac. YAWC Online is a hosted service available on a rental basis.

I have French/German/... Word. Does YAWC work with this?

Yes and no. The YAWC conversion function works in all language editions of MS-Word. However, the menus, shortcut keys and toolbar icons to apply styles do not work, as they are expecting english language style names. You can easily adjust shortcut keys to use the correct style name for your language.

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